RMP's leadership team and Board of Directors are committed to governing our company according to the highest corporate standards, ensuring we are operating ethically and legally and in the interests of our shareholders.

Sound corporate governance is a crucial part of our company's development and growth, impacting every area of our business, from corporate disclosure to the safety of our employees and the environmental impact of our operations.

Our team of experienced, knowledgeable Board members, management and employees all have a financial stake in our company. We conduct our business in a way that is mindful of our shareholders' interests, knowing that we can all be successful if we manage our business operations safely, prudently and efficiently.

Together, the Board and our management team develop and uphold RMP's mission, corporate objectives, strategic plans and governance principles. The Board meets regularly to review and discuss issues of strategic importance, including growth opportunities for the company. The Board also monitors Canadian regulatory developments that impact corporate governance, accountability and corporate disclosure.

Each of the Board's independent directors work together to ensure sound management decisions through the fully independent Corporate Governance Committee and the appointment of an independent, non-Executive Chair.

RMP's Board and management team ensure standards are in place to promote ethical behaviour throughout the organization. They are committed to transparent and comprehensive disclosure with our stakeholders through regular communications activities such as news releases and investor presentations.